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The National Institute of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation is a public non-profit organization dedicated to the neuropsychological and psychosocial rehabilitation of brain-injured army veterans and civilians, and to the support of their families.
The Institute opened its doors in 1975 as Israel's first and leading provider of professional rehabilitation services for individuals with brain injuries. It now serves hundreds of patients each year, following cerebral cranial, traumatic brain and closed head injuries sustained primarily in combat, accidents and terror attacks, as well as post-concussion syndrome, brain cancer and other acquired CNS diseases.

We offer a broad range of treatment programs targeting different issues associated with brain injury. The day programs include group and individual therapies addressing all aspects of life, and provide participants with support and guidance in reentering the workforce, preparing for academic studies and more.



  • Recanati – Tel Aviv and Petach-Tikva

  • Spitzer – Haifa

  • Jerusalem

  • Galilee – Tefen Industrial Park

Who can benefit from our services?

  • People with brain damage due to traumatic or disease-related injuries

  • Cancer survivors experiencing cognitive decline or acclimation difficulties

  • People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • People with disabilities or chronic conditions requiring community-based rehabilitation psychology services

  • Older adults with mild cognitive impairment (MCI)



We combine our range of services to build a personalized program for each client, based on initial assessment and adapted to changing needs over the course of rehabilitation.

Introductory call – consultation, examination of intervention options and guidance regarding medical rights.

Assessments – comprehensive or focused neuropsychological, psychodiagnostic, MCI evaluation.

Individual therapies – psychotherapy, cognitive training, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, family therapy, psychiatric consultation, vocational consultation and more.

Group therapies – attention, memory, executive functions, art therapy, phototherapy, vocational, job skills (e.g., production, marketing and sales, carpentry, computer skills), on-the-job training and more.

Comprehensive Day Program

A long-term vocational rehabilitation program, every day of the week for up to a year. Includes individual treatments, focused group treatments, job placement services and guidance in on-the-job training.

After completing the program, clients reintegrate into the workforce, higher education or professional training programs.

Clients referred by the Rehabilitation Department of the National Insurance Institute are also eligible for an additional four years of vocational consultation and follow-up!

The Comprehensive Day Program is open to new clients throughout the year.

Vocational Workshops

A workshop-based vocational rehabilitation day program aimed at strengthening work skills and enabling reintegration into employment. Program content and number of days a week are tailored to the personal needs and abilities of each client.

The Sulam ("Ladder") Program

A neuropsychological day program for people who are healing from cancer. Over six months, four days a week, the comprehensive program offers individual and group treatments, including cognitive training and groups focused on specific cognitive skills (e.g., attention, memory), mindfullness practice, yoga, lessons on nutrition and on sexuality following cancer, pain management and more.

Day Center for Individuals with Severe Chronic Brain Injury

The day center offers clients vocational and leisure activities, while integrating the unique knowledge, tools and professional experience of the Institute in the rehabilitation of people with brain injuries. The center is located at the Spitzer Center in Haifa and run in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services.

Funding for Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation Department of the National Insurance Institute

  • Rehabilitation Department of the Ministry of Defense

  • Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services

  • Leumit Health Care Services (we recommend checking with other HMOs)

  • Private Insurance

  • Out-of-pocket

Patients may be referred by the Rehabilitation Division of the Ministry of Defense, the National Insurance Institute, HMOs and private insurance companies. These institutions subsidize basic treatment and professional placement services, with the ultimate goal of allowing patients to re-enter the workforce or enroll in academic or professional training programs.

The Institute's board of directors includes highly experienced, prominent public representatives and members of various funding organizations. The seventy professional staff members - including rehabilitation psychologists and neuropsychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, placement workers, teachers, vocational instructors, speech and art therapists and psychiatric consultants - are led by a team of highly-qualified and experienced clinical supervisors and managers, most of whom also serve as faculty members at universities and academic institutions. In addition, the Institute provides pre- and post-doctoral internship programs in rehabilitation psychology and clinical neuropsychology.

Rehabilitation programs at all centers are supported by the activities of the Institute's Assessment Unit, which performs comprehensive neuropsychological and vocational evaluations of all patients at various time points. Data regarding assessment and therapy is continually collected and analyzed by our Research Unit, to monitor methods and outcomes.

Management offices are located at the Tel Aviv branch.


Scientific research and development are an integral part of the Institute's activities and focus on outcome studies and effectiveness of treatment methods. Through research fellowships and additional academic collaborations, plans are currently underway to broaden the scope of research in diverse areas of neuropsychology, aging, psychopathology, memory and learning, rehabilitation and cognitive therapy.

Support Us

Help us to provide the leading neuropsychology services in Israel

Following the horrifying events of October 7th, including the slaughter of more than 1,300 casualties, more than 3,300 wounded and 199 victims that were abducted to Gaza, the National Institute of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation immediately responded. After thousands of rockets and missiles were fired in a single day towards southern and central Israel, following the brutal attack of terrorist infiltrators in the region bordering the Gaza Strip, and after the military activities of the IDF along and beyond the southern border - 2023 Israel–Hamas war began. Thus, we have prepared an emergency program, aiming towards a long challenging period of nationwide trauma and rehabilitation.  


The most pressing need is preparing to receive patients with PTSD, who will need rehabilitation in the community following the war, and we currently seek donations for this aim. Our response shall include Emergency PTSD Training for 100 institute staff members and adding 15 more professionals to our staff – both psychologists and social workers. Thus, they will skillfully treat Victims of Hostilities with PTSD, IDF veterans with disabilities, and people with brain Injuries. As we are officially authorized by Social Security and the Ministry of Defense, we shall address a tremendous number of calls for aid. 

The Rehabilitation Services Fund

Moshe, a 40-year-old engineer, husband and father of three children, recently experienced a severe stroke. Since the incident, he has shown difficulties in cognition and drastic changes in behavior. His interactions with family and friends frequently elicit great frustration and at times even lead to fits of rage. It is unclear whether Moshe can return to his job. His family is saddened and extremely worried by his condition. Unfortunately, Moshe does not qualify for government funding of treatment at the Institute, nor does he have the necessary insurance coverage. Still, we don't want to give up on him.

We need your help to give people like Moshe the care they need!

Most clients who do not receive external funding for treatment at the Institute come from low socio-economic backgrounds and are unable to cover the costs on their own. Relying on the generosity of individuals and private foundations, the Institute's Rehabilitation Services Fund enables selected patients to enter or complete the rehabilitation process. 

The cost of one month of treatment runs between 2,000 and 10,000 NIS, depending on the severity of the individual's condition. Your generous donation of any amount will be greatly valued and appreciated.

General donations or donations designated for any of the above activities will be accepted and greatly appreciated at any time.

Please direct donations to:

Israel Discount Bank

Tel Aviv City Branch (No. 014)

Account No. 3984003

For more information and to set up an introductory call, please contact | +972-73-7771777 ext. 0

+972-54-628-6645 (WhatsApp only)

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